Print Remains Relevant

Just like the internet was supposed to be the end of the magazine and book business, we’ve heard that with mobile phones and Google no one will be using our resource guides anymore. Yet, we receive calls every day from residents who want to update their community listing or would like a copy of one of our resource guides. People who find our guides more useful are new movers, older people, and residents in rural areas. We also know from our call tracking data that the guides are being used regularly.

Additionally, several studies in recent years have found that prospects continue to respond to direct mail messages at higher rates than other advertising methods. This is one reason why large brands continue to spend huge sums of money on direct mail. Just like direct mail, our guides go to every mailbox in a community’s zip code. But, unlike a postcard or mailer, most people keep their community resource guide all year. Plus, because our print and postage costs are shared with other advertisers in your community, our guides can be a cost effective way to take advantage of Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

Social Media Posts & Online Version

Along with advertising in our guides through EDDM, with your display ad purchase, you also get online exposure. We provide each community where we publish a directory with a Total Local Community Resource Page on Facebook. As an advertiser your ad will be posted on our community page three times per year and we can repost your events, sales, and other items of interest on our community pages.

Also, included with display ads, are links in the electronic version of our directories that help with your website’s search engine optimization(SEO). We publish the directories in a flippable format online at ISSUU and, from the online version, we link back to each of our advertiser’s websites. Check out our new 2020 and 2021 Community Resource guides published at

Marketing Services

What if you don’t have a business website or your website is terribly outdated? We can help with that too. In 2020, we merged with a marketing agency that provided website and online marketing, as well as traditional marketing services. Our services now include website design and hosting, social media management, email newsletters, other forms of direct mail, logo and business card design, brochures, and more. Go to the Marketing Services section on our website to learn more.


  • 2U
    3.625in x 2.375in

    Ad Sizes

    4U & Coupon
    7.5 in x 2.375in

    3.625in x 5in

    3.625in x 3.25in

    7.5in x 7.625in

    Back Cover
    8.5in x 8.5in

    FC 1-5
    2.25in x 1.25in

    FC 6-8
    2.58in x 1.125in

  • 6U
    7.5in x 3.25in

    8U & 1/2 Inside Cover
    7.5in x 5in

    Full Page, Golf Course Map,
    Menu, & Inside Cover

    7.5in x 10.25in

Interested in Advertising With Us?

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